Honoring Transitions

This year is ending with a cosmic bang–The Great Conjunction is dropping knowledge and bringing with it, all the feels. When we started this magazine in early 2019, we were driven by the desire for community, sharing our stories and a collective creative outlet for women in Sacramento.

That desire still holds strong despite the distance, the shifting and immense unpredictability of what is ahead. But as a collective, specifically one that thrives when we collaborate in person and celebrate one another’s journeys of self discovery, how do we move forward? How do we pivot?

It seems many of us are trying to figure ourselves out and that is taking much more bandwidth than we’re used to. We collectively have been so accustomed to spreading ourselves too thin so a government mandated retreat is medicine. This time at home is a rarity that offers priceless insight into who we are and who we want to become.

We cant help but fantasize about when we finally get to gather en mass and how exhilarating it will feel to let our guards down, share genuine moments and deeper conversations. Until then sisters, we wish you all a safe and happy new year.

Healing Dreamers

As we approached 6 months of quarantine, we felt we needed a space to ground, reconnect, and rekindle one of our founding principles: Sisterhood.

Dream Broad Founders - Akilah Delgado and Isabel Gonzales came together for a heart centered experience celebrating women and the power we bring when intentionally gathered. It is of the most importance that we acknowledged one another in our grief and in our growth. There was no better way to show support for a sister than to show up and be a witness to her journey.

When we hosted our circle at Her Elevated, we engaged in deep connection, storytelling, collaboration, spiritual healing - ushering our circle into the new season of autumn to winter. We all showed up with a deep desire to slow down in order to move forward and reflect.

We invited Sam Sadler of @dailydosehealing to bless us with introductions in healthy living daily and the newest additions to her offering - delicious CBD Elixirs.

Collective Pause

Where Do We Go From Here?

In light of the societal shift, we had to take pause, individually and together to find how to continue to best serve our community. Magazine release parties and women’s retreats are still our fav, but navigating current government restrictions has required us to pivot in yet another direction.

We are diving back in wholeheartedly as we have some small events planned and another issue in the works. The beauty about it all is the journey–we don’t know how we’ll get there or where we’ll end up, but we are happy to take this ride together. <3

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