Community is Key

Although we accept and support content from women all over, our home base is Sacramento, CA. Here at Dream Broad we are big on community and we make a huge effort to bring people together no matter the cause. Part of our mission is connection through creativity and that is why we host a Magazine Release Party with each issue. Scroll down if you missed out or want to get to know them better!

Pictured here (from L to R, Top to Bottom):

Trishana Suman, Stephanie Schaber, Lindsay "Z" Blasquez, Jenna Lazzarone, Isabel Gonzales, Jaida Gonzales, Ace McAllister

Inertia DeWitt, Katrina Green, Akilah Delgado, Sara Vickers, Alyiah Gonzales

Rachel Sima Castro, Leah Renay, Mona Bahraini 

Photographed by Yuki Cloud

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