Dream Broad Origin Story

Dream Broad Magazine was founded in 2019 by Akilah Delgado (left) and Isabel Gonzales (right) in Sacramento, CA. As two original and inspired women, these best friends sought out to create a platform that celebrated storytelling, diversity and local culture via a print publication and social gatherings that fostered connection, collaboration, and authenticity. 

They worked closely with other local businesses and nonprofits like the Broad Room and Her Elevated to host magazine release parties, pop-ups and meet & greets to extend the reach of the collective voice that Dream Broad Magazine has come to cultivate. 

It All Started As a Blog...

In 2018, Isabel and Akilah were riding the same wavelength of deep desire to create something. Within a few months time, they launched a blog; Blooming Dreamers--a space for growth, creativity, community and self care. They shared their insights on holistic health and personal growth, as well as a monthly podcast featuring other Dreamers. 

Do you see a theme here? ;) These two had so much to share, a blog just wasn't enough! On top of sharing their stories and showcasing others, they hosted weekend-long women's retreats. Creating an intimate space where a group of women can come together, share, heal, unplug and rebuild was a labor of love.

Where Do We Go From Here?

In light of the societal shift, we had to take pause, individually and together to find how to continue to best serve our community. Magazine release parties and women's retreats are still our fav, but navigating current government restrictions has required us to pivot in yet another direction.

We are diving back in wholeheartedly as we have some small events planned and another issue in the works. The beauty about it all is the journey--we don't know how we'll get there or where we'll end up, but we are happy to take this ride together. <3

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