The Story

Imagine a moment rich in experience and taste. Where human connection and insight are the currency and everyone is down to exchange. The space is decked in eclectic soul and the color palette is dipped in pure opulence. Intimate conversations. Powerful presence lingers full...embracing... and noted with celestial aromas. 

This is the issue that explores perspective. We’re going deep.

Pitch Us Your Idea:

Email us at DreamBroadZine at gmail dot com

Subject line should read: Full Name; Issue 2; medium

Within the body of the email, in 250 words or less demonstrate how you plan to carry out a successful contribution in the next issue. ***Please note that Final Drafts are due September 6th, 2019 

For visual submissions, you may include a sample of your work by attaching a JPG or PDF less than 2MB each or link to a site where your work is displayed. 

Pitches/Submissions are due no later than July 19, 2019 by 10pm. Please no late submissions. We are on a very tight schedule and while we would love to always accommodate talented individuals, we would have to ask that you resubmit next issue. 

Submitting Completed Work:

All submissions should have a maximum of 800 words.  *** if certain circumstances require us to go over, further communication will be required.

All visual bodies of work require a written abstract or description of the artist's conceptual approach. Images must include title, medium, and size when applicable.

All collaboration ideas will have to be vetted and discussed with the Editorial Team before accepted and approved.

Please share submission details with artists who you feel would be represented well in this magazine. However, do not submit other individuals work on their behalf as it will not be accepted.  

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