In the true spirit of creating and maintaining a safe space, our next issue is going to focus on the voices of emerging and evolving thoughts during one, if not the hardest periods of our lives thus far.

A collective does not mean we all share the same thoughts and feelings around everything. It is a diverse connection amongst many who wish to learn and grow.  It is not Dream Broad’s intention to tell you how to feel, create and process. It is our intention to expose you to those who have learned and are learning to govern their own thoughts and actions.

So let’s get real. Here is the issue where we are encouraging you to not only share opinions, but explore new ones as well. Ask yourself and your community questions. Provoke and foster thoughtful communications around matters that are affecting your life.

Below are the criteria for submissions. If you want to submit something that is not listed, please do! We are always interested in exploring new ideas and content.

Becoming a Contributor

Dream Broad serves as a collective to those who strive for celebrating womxn’s culture. We are about representation of a group who are living in sisterhood, friendship and who stand for working together.

We offer space to a variety of creatives - from the local maker, the philosophers; writers to photographers. Our goal is to put forth a collection of multi-faceted work and provide a venue where untold stories can be shared.

It is our effort to support one another through our life plans. We are working to make the lifestyle of the womxn whose dreams about the path that sets her soul on fire, reachable.

With magical storytelling, stellar photography and an array of experience - we are representative of the womxn's culture embodied by our generation.

Our editorial team is looking for self starters and forward thinkers to produce noteworthy submissions in the following categories (both written and/or visual):

  • Editorial writing and photography
  • Style/Fashion
  • Wellness/Beauty
  • Home/Lifestyle Horticulture/Family
  • Art/Illustration
  • Travel/Cities
  • Spirituality/Celestial Observations
  • Music
  • Features/Profiles
  • Creative writing/fiction/poetry
  • Have you created something that isn't listed here? Submit it anyway

Submission Guidelines

Submissions open from August 14, 2020 - November 13, 2020 and we are accepting COMPLETED works only at this time. Send submissions to via guidelines below

  • All works submitted must be original. Please do not submit the work of others
  • Include your name, social media handle and website, title of work, company/affiliation, and email address
  • We prefer contributor content to be fresh and never published before but If your content has been previously published, please indicate that with place and date

Written Submissions

  • Formally quote all educational and professional resources using Associated Press format
  • All articles must be submitted as a Google doc or via Dropbox in the form of .doc, .docx or .pdf to (dreambroadzine at gmail dot com)
  • All submissions are subject to being reviewed by the editorial team
  • Submissions may or may not be returned to the contributor for final look depending on demand and time constraints
  • Include any supporting photos with your work. Due to space, some photos may not be selected in the final lay out. If visuals are needed, please notify us as we may be able to pair your written work with a visual submission of similar subject matter
  • Note: A 50-word or less bio and photo may be included at the bottom of the article page if provided according to specifications. Please provide a head shot as .jpg

Visual Submissions

  • We print at 8.5 x 11 inches, 300 dpi
  • All imagery must be 300 dpi (print resolution) .jpgs and of the dimensions intended to print in inches via email or Dropbox (dreambroadzine at gmail dot com)
  • The images submitted must be a cohesive body of work unless otherwise specified (as content separators, etc)
  • Maximum 10 images will be accepted. Due to space, some photos may not be selected in the final lay out
  • Include any supporting written information with your work i.e. an Abstract. If a more elaborate description is needed, we will either notify you or pair your visual work with a written submission of similar subject matter
  • Note: A 50-word or less bio and photo may be included at the bottom of the page if provided according to specifications. Please provide a professional head shot

You will receive an email confirming your submission has been received and is being reviewed. Review of submissions will be completed based on the volume of submissions we have. If your content is selected for publication, you will be notified before the release of the issue.

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